You've been snorkeling all wrong ...

November 17, 2017


The general public sometimes believes that snorkelling is a difficult, awkward, and miserable experience. There are many sticking points: breathing is unnatural with a snorkel and you might view the mouthpiece as uncomfortable and unhygienic. A mask's field of vision is relatively narrow, and when the mask fogs up, you get poor visibilty which ruins your experience of the amazing underwater world...

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to breathe through a tube in your mouth? 

Luckily, that's all about to change. 


Say goodbye to the old way of snorkelling. This is the world's first Full Face Snorkelling Mask, enabling you to SEE and BREATHE UNDERWATER just like on DRY LAND! This mask will allow you to enjoy snorkelling again and make it a FUN experience. Be fully immersed in the experience and discover the underwater world in total comfort.

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